I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ont. Always an active child growing up, playing any and all school organized sports which has carried over to my adult life. My passion for health $nd fitness sent me on a journey to a school away from Thunder Bay to study massage therapy in which I become a Registered Massage Therapist. It was in Ottawa that I met my husband at GoodLife Fitness and continued my massage therapy practise for 22 yrs. (retired now). During that time we had two kids, a boy and a girl who are both very competitive athletes in two totally different sports. One takes my husband to the hockey rink and the other takes me to the ski hill every week/ weekend thru the winter season. A few years ago I decided to take my passion for health and fitness to another level at which time I took the opportunity to expand my education to become a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp instructor. Along side working and raising my kids I was an active member of “Lipstick Dragons” ladies dragon boat team for the last five years in which turned my attention onto obstacle course racing $nd have completed two Spartan Sprint and Rugged Maniac races the last two years. Much different from team sports, this is an individual sport which tests you physically and mentally. Love them! Before making the grand move to Hamilton I taught Bootcamp the last 3 years in Ottawa and to be honest wasn’t sure if I’d ever find the right fit for me to continue instructing until this past year when I met Jeremy White. Jeremy gave me an opportunity to once again be part of fitness world in a very friendly environment. Being a part of the “Ideal” team has given me a few great opportunities to learn from other coaches, all of whom bring their own knowledge and personality to the table each day. Being a coach on the IDEAL team has given me a life changing opportunity to make a difference not only in my own personal life journey but in yours too! Be your IDEAL everyday!