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$149 activation fee
$89 bi-weekly

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Try Us today and NO Activation fee + $69 bi-weekly (SAVE OVER 20%)

EVERYONE always wants to know prices!

REVOLUTION has many different options for joining the family. We also don’t believe in price shopping, due to our concept and atmosphere being different than everyone else. So there is truly no comparison.

What we suggest is that you jump on one of our trial programs to experience all that REVOLUTION has to offer. After your trial you will be able to make a logical decision on which services you will want to utilize to reach your health and fitness goals.

Besides that, just like any relationship, we need to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Yes We have Month to Month memberships and Loyalty memberships at a discounted rate. But price is only money, your experiences will show you the value.

We know you wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without giving it a test drive, so contact us today and give us a test drive. After you are done either checking out the studio or a REVOLUTIONARY workout, we will gladly go over all you options in great detail. We look forward to assisting you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is REVOLUTION different than any other bootcamp or gym?
REVOLUTION Bootcamp is the world’s first nonstop Bootcamp. Not only do we offer a high energy motivating workout, but at REVOLUTION we have your back. To better help you achieve the goals you have, we also track your heart rate in real time using MYZONE technology, so team REVOLUTION and you can track your workout intensity to guarantee you burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. Also, the dreaded “body composition” is more high tech and informative than ever. Gone is the poking, pinching, tape measuring, or stepping on a scale for a little printout. Team REVOLUTION uses Fit3D technology, an innovative 3D body scanner that captures a 3D, 360 degrees image of you and extracts the most commonly used measurements tracked for fitness progress. Your results are always emailed to you with an avatar of you every time you get a body composition done. Our coaches will sit down and go through everything with you to help you set your REVOLUTIONARY fitness goals.
Q: What can I expect to achieve?
The evolution of REVOLUTION Bootcamp as a whole is not a magic pill, but we do take all your excuses out of it. Team REVOLUTION is going to ask you to bring your best effort every day. If you do that, your results won’t only be the best you have ever seen, they will be more maintainable than ever! Your workouts will be heart rate monitored so both you and Team REVOLUTION can assure you are working out at an intensity level that will deliver the results you want. No more guesswork. If you give your effort you can expect to increase or at least maintain lean mass, while decreasing body fat. Your workouts are designed to tighten up stubborn areas around the butt, thighs, stomach and arms. With REVOLUTION workouts you will see an increase in energy, confidence, strength, vitality while dropping pant and clothing sizes, so expect to need a new wardrobe. Ok just put it this way… you’ll become a better version of you!
Q: Can I attend different classes?
We support you whenever you show up, but if you want to see our schedule it is available on the MindBody app!
Q: It looks very intense, will I be able to do it?
Absolutely. Your REVOLUTION workout is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Our exercises can be modified to fit your fitness level. As long as you are doing YOUR best then you will continue to see results. Every exercise station will be equipped with high and low impact variations. The intensity will be the revolutionary effort you put into the exercise.
Q: What if I have an injury?
Then REVOLUTION Bootcamp is exactly what you need to get back on track! Your workouts are always supervised by one of our REVIOLUTION Coaches. There are variations for each exercise so there is a low impact option at every station. Our qualified Coaches will help you modify the exercises to suit your needs and make sure your form and technique are correct. We may at times request a doctor’s note to ensure you are cleared to participate. Contact us today and let us show you how we will help you get to your revolutionary self.