Nutrition Advice

What to eat and when to eat it

The IDEAL Nutrition Philosophy

At IDEAL bootcamp we dislike the word “diet”. Diets are restrictive and time based. You go on a diet for 6 weeks and then what happens after the 6 weeks is over? You go back to your old habits and gain back all the weight or more that you worked so hard to lose.At IDEAL, we have several customizable nutrition plans that suit your tastes, lifestyle and goals. Our nutrition plans, in conjunction with the motivating and fat-burning workouts, knowledgeable accountability coaches and the support of TEAM IDEAL, are designed to help you maintain a lifestyle change that will last!


No need to lose taste while maintaining a healthy lifestyle…these recipes are nutritious AND delicious!


These delicious, healthy smoothies are full of protein and nutrients, making it easier to stay on track!


Helpful advice from our knowledgeable coaches, to keep your mind focused and your nutrition plan IDEAL.