Brandon M

Total lost: 46lbs

It had taken years but I was close to being the heaviest I had ever been, diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and living with tendonitis from my shoulders to my wrists. Thankfully one of the many people around me convinced me to try a week at this place called IDEAL. From what I heard about this place to meeting Jeremy, I knew it was different. I found myself lacking excuses to avoid it, it was off to BOOTCAMP! The early days were tough; I was often sore but rather than dreading the next work out, I found myself eager to go back for more! Not having specific class times and having access to the right tools for timely feedback and monitoring has been a key part of staying on track. I am now more in touch with my wellbeing than ever before. I have lost 46 lbs, I am nearly free of tendonitis and could be close to beating Sleep Apnea. I have to thank everyone on staff, and existing members, for “roping me in” and for making IDEAL great.