Heidi M

I first joined IDEAL in January 2016, I lost 24 lbs but like many times before I fell off the wagon again and had trouble staying motivated after my vacation. From July to February I struggled to recommit and I finally came back to ideal. I was embarrassed coming in because I had gained so much back and was actually 9 lbs more than when I had initially started over a year before. The welcome back I got was amazing, the coaches and other members were so encouraging and motivating. the push I got to keep coming back day after day from some really great members , got me to classes 6 days a week. The healthy eating just went hand in hand with my goal to get fit. Since coming back I have lost 57lbs and 29.6 inches and feel amazing! I couldn’t have done it without the support of the awesome, supportive coaches and the amazing members at IDEAL, I have never worked out anywhere that the members supported each other like this. This is definitely the best place to workout!!