Karen M

I am a mother of 3, work full-time and never seemed to have enough hours in the day. Procrastination was my best friend. I have tried lots of diet plans, exercise videos, big box gyms, other boot camp style gym. I would go full throttle and then fall away. I just couldn’t stick with it. I knew that i needed to do something, i wanted to be able to go on those long walks/hikes, spend time with my kids being active. So that’s where Ideal came in. I was worried about not fitting in, wondering would i stand out, look out of place, not be able to keep up. I can honestly say from day one all of those worries were no more. The atmosphere was welcoming by both coaches and members alike. I love the no class times. It just had a total different feel to the place. I am again looking forward to life with a new found energy, less stress, a great community, coaches who care and my family to share it all with. That feeling of people telling you, you are looking great, keep at it and having to buy new clothes is amazing. Thanks IDEAL I couldn’t do it without you!