Kristin N

A year ago around this time I was 214lbs full term with my daughter! When I started at Ideal in September 2016 I was down to 183lbs but feeling stuck and in a rut, I needed help! The energy, level of comfort, no class times, supportive coaches and warm atmosphere at IDEAL helped me to get my butt in gear and lose the weight and inches that I was still hanging onto and to also gain more strength and energy. I am now sitting at 156 pounds a 27 pound loss and I’ve lost 24″ overall since starting Ideal back in September. I am now at a weight/size that I haven’t been since I was in university (over 10 year ago)! Such an amazing feeling to be getting rid of clothes that are too big and to be fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in years, yet hung onto in the hopes to wear them again! Yeah!! That’s IDEAL 🙂