Jeremy L


My name is Jeremy Lee and I am a fitness and football enthusiast. My love for fitness differs from many others – my love stems from a life of always being a large individual. From before I was ever introduced to a fitness program, to my smallest, to right now I have always been a larger person. This however I have found a love for and has changed what I am looking for in terms of fitness. My fitness journey began in 2011 while I took a Fitness class in high school, which introduced me to programs like P90X and INSANITY. After that semester finished I did both of those programs, to which resulted in me being the smallest I ever have. Unfortunately the size did not help me being an offensive lineman, and gradually I began gaining weight again. It was a constant increase from 2012 all the way until 2017, to where it has no gradually become a constant decrease since then. My fitness aspirations are not to looked ripped or shredded, but to be my strongest and most comfortable self. Seeing as my plan is to be a part of fitness for the rest of my life, I plan on taking my time and creating an environment that helps me maintain my results.
I have graduated from the Fitness and Health Promotion program from Humber College, and have been with Revolution since it has been opened. I was also here to help the start up of it, and I have loved every second of it. I feel like I helped create the the bootcamp of today. The support and acceptance of my co-workers and the members has changed my outlook on myself, other people, and work. I am excited to continue my fitness journey!