Joe’s fitness journey began in 2008 which stemmed from him dealing with being overweight and having a negative body image. What started as a self transformation transitioned into a career in the health, wellness, and fitness field and multiple athletic endeavours. Joe in high school played junior and senior football, rugby, and wrestling which allotted him top 5 in Ontario for his senior year. Proceeding graduation from high school Joe’s passion transitioned into training physique athletes along with competing in the events too, along with this, Joe went on to Mohawk college and completed the health, wellness, and fitness diploma which allotted him entrance into Brock University, where he completed his Bachelor’s In kinesiology (honours). During his undergrad Joe worked with the elderly population at the brock centre of health and well-being along with those who have multiple sclerosis and those who are paraplegics/quadriplegics (complete/incomplete injuries) , his duties included programming strategies and training both populations. He also was given the opportunity to write his honours thesis and present his preliminary data on how body image may be improved through physical activity which lead him to his future endeavours embarking in his masters (exploring positive body image) at Brock University under the supervision of Dr. Kim Gammage. Within the last year Joe has been working in Ideal fitness instructing bootcamp training and training elite youth baseball players and ringette athletes along with various amounts of clients he enjoys training people along with helping them reach their goals. Joe’s recent athletic highlights include placing top 3 in the natural Ohio bodybuilding championships, Toronto championship along with a total of 529lbs squat, 315lbs bench, 599lbs deadlift at the Ottawa powerlifting classic.